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Chameleon Records Presents

Chameleon Records Presents

Earthjuice is a cross-section of the projects released by leading electronic music label Chameleon Records. The carefully selected LP features formations and artists such as Beat Dis, Pluto Project, Mystical Plants, or the MR2 fave Secta Chameleon.

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Chameleon Records Presents - Earthjuice Vol 1.
Chameleon Records Presents - Earthjuice Vol 1.

Earthjuice Vol 1.

Record label: Chameleon Records
Year of publication: 2010
Album price: 10 EUR

Gyula Balogh
Gábor Kiss
Szabolcs Máté
Béla Balázs
Beat Babylon
Judie Jay
Mc Coppa
Vega Ass
István Munkácsi
Bryant Goodman
Szabolcs Tarbaly
Beat Dis


1. Pluto Project vs. Secta Chameleon: Rocky Race 1 EUR
2. Beat Babylon: Freak Like Me 1 EUR
3. Stronghold: Eager 1 EUR
4. Pluto Project: Stranger 1 EUR
5. Pluto Project feat. Judie Jay: Skin (Secta Chameleon Budstep Remix) 1 EUR
6. Secta Chameleon feat. Mc Coppa: This Is How We Roll 1 EUR
7. Secta Chameleon: For the Kids 1 EUR
8. Secta Chameleon feat. Judie Jay: More Than a Feeling 1 EUR
9. Stronghold: Idol 1 EUR
10. Vega Ass: Dancin’ Shoes 1 EUR
11. Pluto Project: Negra 1 EUR
12. Savages: Turtle Dance 1 EUR
13. Mystical Plants feat. Bryant Goodman: New World Order 1 EUR
14. Mystical Plants: Use the Force 1 EUR
15. Tarby: Desert Road 1 EUR
16. Beat Dis: Never Sad 1 EUR
17. Beat: Easy 1 EUR