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W. H.

W. H.

The formation of W.H. was initiated in 2006 by cellist/composer Albert Márkos, with the aim to place the sonnets of William Shakespeare into the musical environment of present times. The name refers to a monogram used in the 1609 Quarto-edition of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, which was mysteriously dedicated to a certain Mr W.H. The enigmatic dedication is still a matter of neverending debates. The band’s members are all

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W. H.  - Crabbed Age And Youth
W. H.  - Crabbed Age And Youth

Crabbed Age And Youth

Record label: DDK Records
Year of publication: 2012
Album price: 10 EUR

Sena Dagadu – vocal
Albert Márkos – violincello
Samu Gryllus – bass
Hunor Szabó G. – drums, percussions

Guest Artists:
Márton Fenyvesi – guitar
Ákos Zságer-Varga – keyboards

1. XVII. (Who Will Believe My Verse) 1 EUR
2. LXXVII. (Thy Glass Will Show Thee) 1 EUR
3. XI. (As Fast as Thou Shalt Wane) 1 EUR
4. XIX. (Devouring Time) 1 EUR
5. C. (Where art Thou, Muse) 1 EUR
6. Crabbed Age and Youth 1 EUR
7. Come Away, Come Away Death 1 EUR
8. XCVII. (How Like a Winter Hath My Absence Been) 1 EUR
9. CLI. (Love is Too Young) 1 EUR
10. XXVII. & Lullaby (Weary with Toil) 1 EUR
W. H.  - Sonnets

W. H.
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