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Ternipe was founded in 1989 by a group of youngsters from Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county and Budapest. All the members are Romani people and they claim that it is essential that audiences listen to gypsy folk music that comes from an authentic source. They have taken on the task of collecting and presenting the gypsy traditions and music still alive today. The sound of their music is quite unique in Hungarian folk music because

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Ternipe - Pe Mande O Cheri (Felettem Az Ég…)
Ternipe - Pe Mande O Cheri (Felettem Az Ég…)

Pe Mande O Cheri (Felettem Az Ég…)

Record label: Skyforce
Year of publication: 2003
Album price: 10 EUR

Mária Balogh: vocal
Tünde Balogh: vocal
István Farkas: vocal, guitar, mandolin
Zsolt Lakatos: vocal, guitar
Béla Lakatos: vocal, can, szájbőgő

1. Lungoj o Drom 1 EUR
2. Lina 1 EUR
3. Muri Cini Papusha 1 EUR
4. Sas Man Dőla 1 EUR
5. Phen Tu Mange 1 EUR
6. Sakoneske 1 EUR
7. E Shukar Romnji 1 EUR
8. Bilako Na Zhuvau 1 EUR
9. Del o Brishind 1 EUR
10. Lake Jakha 1 EUR
11. Na Rov Aba Romnjej 1 EUR
12. Muro Suno 1 EUR
13. Pe Mande o Cheri 1 EUR
14. O Bijav 1 EUR
15. Ale Manca 1 EUR
16. Muro Shavo Kiki 1 EUR