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Secta Chameleon

Secta Chameleon

Around 1998 Sab and Lazybones met in a hungarian Pioneer electro-metal group called Unfit-Ass, where they've explored each other's conception about music and in two years time, when the band had broken up joint their forces to revive Secta Chameleon. By the end of 2001 they made some of their first songs and after the first radio debut Chameleon Records pounced them up promtly (the name-similarity was probably Destiny).

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Secta Chameleon - Dirty Pop
Secta Chameleon - Dirty Pop

Dirty Pop

Record label: Chameleon Records
Year of publication: 2010
Album price: 10 EUR

Szabolcs Máté (Sab Mutu)
Béla Balázs (Lazybones)
Johnatan Mark Glavin
Judit Maitinsky
Marivn Hay

1. Stir the Pulp 1 EUR
2. Push Along feat. MC Manic 1 EUR
3. Aim High 1 EUR
4. Optimum Wound Profile feat. Mr. Bps 1 EUR
5. For the Kids 1 EUR
6. The Choice 1 EUR
7. Blame It On Me 1 EUR
8. More Than a Feeling feat. Judie Jay 1 EUR
9. W.U.H.I.M. 1 EUR
10. If I Dare 1 EUR
11. This is How We Roll feat. MC Coppa 1 EUR
12. Sonic Rumble 1 EUR
13. Coward Heroes 1 EUR
14. Blindfolded feat. Judie Jay 1 EUR