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Hadron Orchestra

Hadron Orchestra

Hadron Orchestra was founded in 2010 by Gabor Kiss; he is the composer of Pluto Project (Chameleon Records). He has chosen a niche from the broad spectrum of the electronic music world. His aim is to create music based on cosmic intuitions, psychedelic feelings and sounds generated by oscillators. Sometimes all these spiced with a little classical music atmosphere. If you want to place him in the world of music, think on

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Hadron Orchestra  - Transparent Angel
Hadron Orchestra  - Transparent Angel

Transparent Angel

Record label: Chameleon Records
Year of publication: 2011
Album price: 9 EUR

Gábor Kiss

1. Area 51 1 EUR
2. Barion Street 1 EUR
3. Transparent Angel 1 EUR
4. Sedna 1 EUR
5. Tale in F Major 1 EUR
6. Orange Feedback 1 EUR
7. Midnite Song 1 EUR
8. Seventh Ocean 1 EUR
9. Little Hadron Orchestra 1 EUR
Hadron Orchestra  - Essence

Hadron Orchestra
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