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Testimony was formed in January 1996 in Dunaújváros. Back then we played melodic death metal. In 2000 we signed a three-album contract with Nephilin Records and in May that year we recorded our first LP, Inhale the Sadness, with sound engineer Viktor (MAX) Scheer at HSB studio. Since we felt that a new era was coming along, we decided on a name that would bring something new and at the same time remind us of the past. And so

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Tesstimony - Thedeathbook
Tesstimony - Thedeathbook


Record label: NAIL Records
Year of publication: 2004
Album price: 10 EUR

Zoltán Csurka – drums
Tamás Fider – guitar
Tamás Forray – bass
Balázs Tóth – vocal
Erik Vándor – guitar

1. Jerusalem 1 EUR
2. Reborn of Nabu Kudduri Ussur 1 EUR
3. The Mankind 1 EUR
4. Voice from Within 1 EUR
5. My Fight 1 EUR
6. Planet Lonely 1 EUR
7. The Night of Fonix 1 EUR
8. The Flight of Turul 1 EUR
9. Ex Tenebris 1 EUR
10. Double Helix 1 EUR
11. Last Hope 1 EUR
12. Cyber Messiah 1 EUR
13. First Born Chaos 1 EUR
14. Scars of My Christ 1 EUR
Tesstimony - Gospel Of Judas

Gospel Of Judas
NAIL Records