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Echo Of Dalriada

Echo Of Dalriada

The band was formed in 1998 in Sopron, however its active life started only in February 2003. Dalriada’s style is epic folk-metal spiced with several other (renaissance, folk) elements. In August 2004 chose them Band of the Month. The group’s debut album FERGETEG came out in November 2004. Jégbontó, the second CD that was released in February 2006, had ruled the top 100 of Mahasz for almost 10 weeks.

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Echo Of Dalriada - Fergeteg
Echo Of Dalriada - Fergeteg


Record label: NAIL Records
Year of publication: 2004
Album price: 10 EUR

Laura Binder – vocal, flute
András Ficzek – guitar, vocal
Marcell Fispán – guitar
György Varga – bass
Tadeusz Rieckmann – drums, vocal
Gergely Nagy – keyboards

1. Védj Meg Láng 1 EUR
2. Népdal 1 EUR
3. Vérző Ima 1 EUR
4. Szabad Madár 1 EUR
5. A Rab Gólya 1 EUR
6. Wales 1 EUR
7. Ötszáz Máglya 1 EUR
8. Mi Zúg…? 1 EUR
9. Ötödik Nap 1 EUR
10. Outro 1 EUR
Echo Of Dalriada - Jégbontó

Echo Of Dalriada
NAIL Records

Metal, Rock