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Toy Division

Toy Division

The predecessor of the group was a live-back formation of similar name from the spring and summer of 1999. It was started by Zoltán Berencsi (percussions), DJ László Imre (a.k.a.: Leslie) and Gábor Pál (a.k.a.: Mao) (piano). They improvised to DJ Leslie’s samples with synthetizer and percussions. After this experience Leslie and Mao formed Toy Division in 1999.  

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Toy Division - Budapest Resonance
Toy Division - Budapest Resonance

Budapest Resonance

Record label: Mamarecords
Year of publication: 2003
Album price: 9 EUR
László Imre – guitar, effects, turntable
Gergely Katona – winds
Ákos Kerényi – drums
Gábor Pál – piano, keyboard, bass
Gabi Szabados – vocal
Márton Szabó – guitar

Peter Sabák – guitar 

1. Dawn (Hajnal) 1 EUR
2. Budapest Resonance 1 EUR
3. Personal Jesus 1 EUR
4. La Habana 1 EUR
5. Marrakesh 1 EUR
6. Sand (Homok) 1 EUR
7. Abhorrence (Irritálsz) 1 EUR
8. La Luna (Hold) 1 EUR
9. Vanishing (Nyom nélkül) 1 EUR