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The band was founded by Balázs Kemencei (also playing guitar in Wall Of Sleep), Szilárd Kamarás and Boldizsár Ifjú. A bit later Endre Tarjányi became the frontman who had been the singer of the band Manikin Faint until 2007. In 2005 the lineup of Stonedirt was complete and they have been going on well without any changes. The main concept of style was stoner metal mixed with southern rock but later then other influences began

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Stonedirt - Redneck Blues
Stonedirt - Redneck Blues

Redneck Blues

Record label: NAIL Records
Year of publication: 2007
Album price: 10 EUR

Endre Tarjányi – vocal
Szilárd Kamarás – bass
Boldizsár Ifjú – drums
Balázs Kemencei – guitar, vocal

1. Bleed As I Bleed 1 EUR
2. Summon Some Power 1 EUR
3. Joygrinders 1 EUR
4. Like Fire Into the Sea 1 EUR
5. 2faced Guy 1 EUR
6. A Real Man 1 EUR
7. Whiskey 1 EUR
8. Wretched Me 1 EUR
9. Washed Away 1 EUR
10. Something's Dying In Me 1 EUR