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Nemjuci is an entirely new formation on the Hungarian music scene, however all of its members came from well-known underground or overground bands. The ’”boss” - as other members call her – is Juci Németh, former singer of Anima Sound System. The massive sounding is due to three musicians – guitarist Tomi Faragó of The Puzzle and the rhythm section: Vasaló and Matyijó from Rémember. Both

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Nemjuci - 2
Nemjuci - 2


Record label: Dunagentsys Kft.
Year of publication: 2012
Album price: 10 EUR

Judit Németh
Tamás Faragó
Máté Fischer
Áron Szabó

1. U Gotta Luv Me 1 EUR
2. Idiot Love Song 1 EUR
3. Age is Unknown 1 EUR
4. Take Me 1 EUR
5. Blind Man 1 EUR
6. If I Say 1 EUR
7. Live Like 1 EUR
8. I'm In Love 1 EUR
9. Far from Blame 1 EUR
10. Don't You? 1 EUR
Nemjuci - Nemjuci

Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition