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Pozsi & Basic

Pozsi & Basic

Pozsi and Basic have been mates since elementary school where they sat in the same bench. When they were teenagers they got interested in music, along with skateboarding. It was Basic who brought the inspiration on returning from America in 1987 after studying there. He brought back a couple of cassettes on which he wrote “Talking break” because at the time he wasn’t familiar with the term RAP. They started up a band called

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Pozsi & Basic - Analog Cuvée
Pozsi & Basic - Analog Cuvée

Analog Cuvée

Record label: Dunagentsys Kft.
Year of publication: 2011
Album price: 10 EUR


Guest Artists:
Bori Magyar – vocal
Beáta Salamon – violin
Kálmán Balogh – cimbalom 
Éva Bonkáló – vocal
Árpád Keresztes Nagy – second fiddle
Tamás Dömötör – beatbox 
Ferenc Zimber – cimbalom
Zsombor Fehér – recorder
Kristóf Tóth KRSA – vocal

1. Dal Step 1 EUR
2. Elindultam 1 EUR
3. Tulipán 1 EUR
4. Valamerre 1 EUR
5. Kismadár 1 EUR
6. Magyar Tánc 1 EUR
7. Hujjuj 1 EUR
8. Csángó Boggie Remix 1 EUR
9. Elindultam Remix 1 EUR
10. Karcos 1 EUR