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Zsuzsi Mary

Zsuzsi Mary

The young girl from Szeged first made her appearance in 1965 when she performed the hit song “Te szeress legalább” in the film “Szerelmes biciklisták” directed by Péter Bacsó. She later participated in the third Hungarian pop song festival and got a shared first prize for her song “Mama”, written for her by her would-be husband, Attila Dobos. At the height of her fame she suddenly and unexpectedly left the country not to

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Zsuzsi Mary  - Sodor A Szél…
Zsuzsi Mary  - Sodor A Szél…

Sodor A Szél…

Record label: Trimedio Music
Year of publication: 2005
Album price: 10 EUR

Zsuzsi Mary – vocal
Judit Désfalvi – vocal
Tibor Pintér – vocal

1. Ne Bánd Meg 1 EUR
2. A Város 1 EUR
3. Sodor a Szél 1 EUR
4. Eljöttél 1 EUR
5. Álom és Vágy 1 EUR
6. Hajnalodik 1 EUR
7. Vallomás 1 EUR
8. Szerencse Fia 1 EUR
9. Új Világ 1 EUR
10. Emlékezz Rám 1 EUR