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Inner Spring Trio

Inner Spring Trio

The formation was brought to life by Balázs Szendőfi at the end of 2009 and represents an experimental streak that has many elements not to be found elsewhere in Hungarian jazz today. As well as performing our own compositions, the trio also evokes the atmospheric music of Esbjörn Svensson.

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Inner Spring Trio - And Other Seasons
Inner Spring Trio - And Other Seasons

And Other Seasons

Record label: Tom-Tom Records
Year of publication: 2011
Album price: 10 EUR

Fanni Sárközy - piano
Balázs Szendőfi - bass
Ákos Kertész – drums

Guest Artist:
Attila László – guitar

1. Six Degrees 1 EUR
2. The Champion’s Holiday 1 EUR
3. The Lake, the Magpie and the Ring 1 EUR
4. Not Quite Stillness 1 EUR
5. Bonsai Whale 1 EUR
6. Intermezzo 1: Prince of Paper 1 EUR
7. Bells of Ponyland 1 EUR
8. Dráva 1 EUR
9. Intermezzo 2: Prince of Paper 1 EUR
10. The Picture of Doris Travelling with Boris 1 EUR
11. Remain a Child 1 EUR
12. Intermezzo 3: Midnight at the Castle 1 EUR
13. Birdwatching 1 EUR