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Hypernomad is a unique kind of world music producer who happily goes bang at every kind of folk music from Africa, Asia to Eastern-Europe. He blends these ingredients all together with electronica in his magic cauldron to create something new. The result is always hypnotic, often experimental and unpredictable.

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Hypernomad - Hyperistan Dayo (Music From Hyperistan)
Hypernomad - Hyperistan Dayo (Music From Hyperistan)

Hyperistan Dayo (Music From Hyperistan)

Record label: 1G Records
Year of publication: 2011
Album price: 10 EUR

Tamás Sándor - keyboards, vocal
Vazul Fülöp - drums, programs

1. Papaza 1 EUR
2. Singalese Tiger Dub 1 EUR
3. Baszomaki 1 EUR
4. Panjabgauze 1 EUR
5. Desert Song 1 EUR
6. Hyperistan Dayo 1 EUR
7. Chorotai 1 EUR
8. Dubistan 1 EUR
9. MamAfrica 1 EUR
10. Athmogong 1 EUR
Hypernomad - Pabadapop

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