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Besh O Drom

Besh O Drom

’a splendid flight of wildness and joyous exuberance that rarely pauses for breath… The band, plays music that exites them, not learnt at their father’s knee but picked up here and there and from records. It is yet further proof of the power of middle and eastern European and Gypsy music to spread and metamorphose, gathering up whatever sticks to it to make modern wide-audience music of dazzling drive and

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Besh O Drom - Kertünk Alatt / Down The Garden
Besh O Drom - Kertünk Alatt / Down The Garden

Kertünk Alatt / Down The Garden

Record label: NarRator Records
Year of publication: 2011
Album price: 10 EUR

Lili Kaszai – vocal
Ádám Pettik – percussions, vocal
Gergő Barcza – saxophone, kaval, EWI, tárogató, kaossilator
Attila Sidoo – guitar
Attila Herr – bass
József Csurkulya – dulcimer
Vilmos Seres – harmonica

Guest Artists:
Péter Vadász – drums
Péter Somos – drums

1. Büntető 1 EUR
2. Túl e Vízen 1 EUR
3. Csángó Leány 1 EUR
4. Hilti Csocsek 1 EUR
5. Keluska 1 EUR
6. 7S 1 EUR
7. Kertünk Alatt 1 EUR
8. Kovalam 1 EUR
9. Csávás 1 EUR
10. Pacsirta 1 EUR
11. Túl e Vizen – Jutasi and Sab Remix 1 EUR
Besh O Drom - Best Of DroM

Besh O Drom
Best Of DroM
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