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 MITSOURA is one of the most illustrious Eastern European “worldmusic” groups, the characteristics of which are its unique musical approach, sound and complex artistic pursuits. The group’s lead singer MONIKA (MITSOU) MICZURA, with her unmistakable voice and unique talent, is among the best of Gypsy performers the world over. She has worked together with the likes of film producer Tony Gatlif,

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Mitsoura - Dura Dura Dura
Mitsoura - Dura Dura Dura

Dura Dura Dura

Record label: DDK Records
Year of publication: 2008
Album price: 10 EUR

Mónika Mitsoura – vocal
András Monori – saxophone, kaval, gadulka, sitar, bansuri, shungi
Márk Moldvai – keyboards, programm
Péter Szalai – tabla, nakkara, kalimba, percussions, konnakol
Miklós Lukács – dulcimer

Guest Artists:
József Barcza Horváth – bass
László Válik – guitar
András Dés – percussions
Péter Papesh – bass

1. Dura Dura Dura 1 EUR
2. Sat Bhayan 1 EUR
3. Tutti Frutti 1 EUR
4. Rumelaj 1 EUR
5. Kelushka 1 EUR
6. Ederlezi 1 EUR
7. Kurjah 1 EUR
8. Pala Late 1 EUR
9. Pundela 1 EUR
10. Le Shavore 1 EUR
11. Bónusz: Kaman Song 1 EUR
12. Bónusz: Iboly 1 EUR
Mitsoura - Mitsoura

Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition

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