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Schiefel / Daerr / Lukács / Szandai

Schiefel / Daerr / Lukács / Szandai

What has a piano piece by Mendelssohn got to do with Gospel? What’s has Johann Sebastian Bach got to do with the pop-punk group The Cure? And free jazz improvisation with Hungarian folklore sounds? Between these disparate poles (and a few others) an interesting quartet finds its musical coordinates. The singer Michael Schiefel is a whole story in his own right. First of all because of his unusual voice: as clear as the

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Schiefel / Daerr / Lukács / Szandai - Gondellied In The Sahara
Schiefel / Daerr / Lukács / Szandai - Gondellied In The Sahara

Gondellied In The Sahara

Record label: BMC Records
Year of publication: 2010
Album price: 10 EUR

Michael Schiefel - vocal, elektronics
Carsten Daerr - piano, organ
Miklós Lukács - dulcimer
Mátyás Szandai - double bass

1. Manila 1 EUR
2. Tea in the Sahara 1 EUR
3. Talk to Me 1 EUR
4. Präludium No. 3. 1 EUR
5. Standard Without Words 1 EUR
6. Baby Levi 1 EUR
7. Out of Nowhere 1 EUR
8. Gordon Matthew 1 EUR
9. Dunes on Piazza San Marco 1 EUR
10. Gondellied 1 EUR
11. Boys don't Cry 1 EUR
12. Kinderstück 1 EUR