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The group was formed in 2006 in Budapest, Hungary. Its influences include various independent genres, both guitar-based and electronic. The music's distinctive approach lies in its dual male-female vocals and guitars rich in effects. The band recorded its debut demo at the end of 2006, and has since been playing live regularly, often presenting its repertoire with additional instruments (strings) and visuals. One of the

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Envoy - A Peculiar Season
Envoy - A Peculiar Season

A Peculiar Season

Record label: NarRator Records
Year of publication: 2010
Album price: 10 EUR

Gergely Kovács - guitar, vocal, keyboards, percussions
Tamás Kucsma - guitar, vocal, keyboards, percussions
András Tóth - bass
György Váradi - drums
Evelin Kandech - vocal

1. Sunday 1 EUR
2. Power 1 EUR
3. Sitting Here 1 EUR
4. Distant Light 1 EUR
5. Taking Hold 1 EUR
6. Whipsers in the Falling Rain 1 EUR
7. Won't Come Back to Me 1 EUR
8. Captivated 1 EUR
9. The Shore 1 EUR
10. Reach 1 EUR
11. A Step Further Away 1 EUR