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Chalaban Band was founded in Budapest by the Moroccan musician Said Tichiti in 1998. The band is very dynamic in the world music scene in Central and Eastern Europe. The Band is testing a very original opening of the Moroccan music to the music traditions of Central Europe, Balkan and gypsy styles. The group's leader, Said Tichiti is originally from city of Guelmim in the south of Morocco. He finished his High studies on

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Chalaban - Moroccan Spring
Chalaban - Moroccan Spring

Moroccan Spring

Record label: NarRator Records
Year of publication: 2003
Album price: 10 EUR

Saïd Tichiti - vocal, percussions, guembri
Bálint Kovács - guitar
Gábor Pusztai - drums
János Vázsonyi - saxophone
Hamid Maïdou - percussions, vocal
Jalalu Kalvert Nelson - trumpet
Sándor Kiss - bass
Dániel Váczi - sopranino

1. Alburda 1 EUR
2. Din Allah 1 EUR
3. Hamdouchya 1 EUR
4. Kif N'Dir 1 EUR
5. Aouicha 1 EUR
6. Chalaban 1 EUR
7. Nebki 1 EUR
8. Jalalu in Moroccan Trance 1 EUR
9. Galo Galo 1 EUR
10. Al Baraka 1 EUR
11. Ghzeyyel Meyyel 1 EUR
12. Tempete Sentimentale 1 EUR
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