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The Fianna tales are about the illustrious Irish knights who - similar to the knights of King Arthur's round table - fought only for good causes. The member of the group also had to be excellent poets and there were musicians amongst them as well. The Fenian Cycle recalls the mythological period when poetry was spontaneous, and preservation of music and tradition was integral to the challenges of life. We are venturing in a

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Fianna - The Mad Skeleton
Fianna - The Mad Skeleton

The Mad Skeleton

Record label: FolkEurópa
Year of publication: 2000
Album price: 10 EUR

Alan Burton - irish bagpipe, recorder
Martin Green - accordion
Katalin Lajtai - vocal
János Lang - violin, flute, recorder, irish drums 
Kornél Varga - guitar, mandolin

1. The New Custom House 1 EUR
2. The Lowlands of Holland 1 EUR
3. The Ship in Full Sail 1 EUR
4. The Maids of Falway 1 EUR
5. The Weaver 1 EUR
6. The Mad Skeleton 1 EUR
7. Paddy's Rambles Through the Park 1 EUR
8. Johnny and Molly 1 EUR
9. The Nervous Man 1 EUR
10. Be My Sweet Bride 1 EUR
11. Cá Beleno 1 EUR
12. Sally Sits Weeping 1 EUR