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Linda Kovács Quartet

Linda Kovács Quartet

The sound of the band is modern jazz based upon mainstream. Influenced by all songs of music experimentations that fit naturally into our style, independently from genre. Beside the herritage of big our music is constancy influenced by american avantgarde, free jazz along with the flavours of european modern jazz. Vocal and instrumental imrovisation plays an important part in our music, which is at the same quite well

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Linda Kovács Quartet - Teach Me Silence
Linda Kovács Quartet - Teach Me Silence

Teach Me Silence

Record label: Tim Produkció
Year of publication: 2009
Album price: 10 EUR

Linda Kovács – vocal
Márton Fenyvesi – guitar, vocal
Ernő Hock – double-bass
Zsolt Sárvári Kovács – drums

Guest Artists:
József Czibere – percussions
Ferenc Schreck – trombone
Zoltán Zana – tenor saxophone

1. When Clouds Are Gone 1 EUR
2. There's a Lullaby 1 EUR
3. Skylark 1 EUR
4. Deed Reedem 1 EUR
5. Travelling Stranger 1 EUR
6. Solitary 1 EUR
7. All I Want 1 EUR
8. Strange Meeting 1 EUR
9. State of the Union 1 EUR
10. Heaven Knows 1 EUR
11. Game 1 EUR