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The music of Navrang, played in this form since 1998 fits perfectly the present age, but the ancient elements of their rhythms and melodies make their music unique. In their instrumental tracks the folk and jazz is well mixed with the rather clever electronic sounds. The Jew's harp, the kaval, the overtone flute and the unusual percussion instruments become solo instruments instead of their usual role of background

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Navrang - Pangea
Navrang - Pangea


Record label: Trottel Records
Year of publication: 2004
Album price: 10 EUR
Barnabás Szilágyi  
Áron Szilágyi
Ákos Szemlér  
Ferenc Stein
Ágnes Nagy
1. The Trumponauts 1 EUR
2. Pangea 1 EUR
3. Orient 1 EUR
4. Zephyr Morning 1 EUR
5. Rabat Roots 1 EUR
6. Moldova Express 1 EUR
7. Dervish 1 EUR
8. Sejemberek 1 EUR
9. Krakatau Vibes 1 EUR
10. Road to Baktaphur 1 EUR
Navrang - Main Bazaar

Main Bazaar
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition

Electronic, World Music