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  GuilThee was created in July 2006 by Péter Márton and Gábor Tóth. The members of the band in the last two and a half years are the following:Peter Puskás (vocals), Gergő Nagy (first bass, last vocals), Ádám Horváth (vocals), György Bánfalvi (bass), Tibor Németh (bass), Gergely Soós (vocals).   Today’s line-up has been stable for a year now, they are the following:  Emil Csula - harsch, and clear

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GuilThee - Lustration
GuilThee - Lustration


Record label: Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition
Year of publication: 2009
Album price: 10 EUR
Emil Csula
Károly Greskó
Balázs Bachstetter
István Vértesi
Gábor Tóth
Betty Varga
Ákos Pirisi
1. Learn to Obey Part 1. 1 EUR
2. Embarrassment of the Fall and the Fool As Well 1 EUR
3. Conomor the Accursed and Tréphine 1 EUR
4. Thor 1 EUR
5. Lilith and the Serpent 1 EUR
6. Enuma Elis 1 EUR
7. The Conqueror Worm from E. A. Poe (Regrettably Compound by the Son of the Adeptus and the Blind Mistress) 1 EUR
8. Minor Disturbance in the Spirith Sphere in Antiquity 1 EUR
9. S Eljön Értünk a Fény 1 EUR
10. Beloved Wife of Man 1 EUR
11. Learn to Obey Part 2. 1 EUR