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We remember Syrius as one the most significant Hungarian bands. However it is true only for the 1970-73 period of Syrius, when they were really considered as the best group of the country. It was started in 1962 by Zsolt Baronits (brass). They used to play dance music, then turned to beat. The change had come in 0970, when Miklós Orszáczky (bass, singer), László Pataki (orgona), Mihály Ráduly (fúvósok) and András Veszelinov

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Syrius - The Last Concert
Syrius - The Last Concert

The Last Concert

Record label: Hunnia Records & Film Production
Year of publication: 2008
Album price: 10 EUR
László Pataki
Miklós Orszáczky
Zoltán Tálas

Tibor Miklós

1. I've Been This Down Before 1 EUR
2. Elfáradtam Én Már 2 EUR
3. Feeling Good 2 EUR
4. Hamlet, a Sólyóm 1 EUR
5. Strawberry Fields Forever 1 EUR
6. Devil's Masquerade 1 EUR
7. Manic Depression 1 EUR
8. God Is Only One 1 EUR