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Viktor Tóth Tercett

Viktor Tóth Tercett

The Viktor Tóth Tercet was started in August of 2004 and had its first performance that same August at the 2004 Sziget Music Festival. The tercet, lead by Viktor Tóth on sax, plays compositions written by Tóth which linger on the border between well-composed pieces and free sounds; his pieces are written with a view to evoking the energy of the moment and this is manifest in the performance. The other members of the tercet

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Viktor Tóth Tercett - Tercett
Viktor Tóth Tercett - Tercett


Record label: GR1993 Records
Year of publication: 2005
Album price: 10 EUR
Viktor Tóth - alto saxophone
Mátyás Szanday - bass
György Jeszenszky  - drums, tamburo, istambul cymbals
Ferenc Németh - drums
Todd Williams - Voice
1. 44 1 EUR
2. Question "B" 1 EUR
3. Big Sky 1 EUR
4. Wood 1 EUR
5. Soul 1 EUR
6. Begging for Forgiveness 1 EUR
7. 1723 1 EUR
8. Pax Rialto Goes to Country 1 EUR
9. Three 1 EUR
10. Green with Blue 1 EUR
11. Frog 1 EUR
Viktor Tóth Tercett - But Inside (Feat. Gareth Williams)

Viktor Tóth Tercett
But Inside (Feat. Gareth Williams)
Fonó Budai Zeneház