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Irie Maffia

Irie Maffia

Having been formed in 2005, Irie Maffia soon became a firm favourite with the young party-goers of Budapest, which can hardly be considered a surprise given the powerful medley of reggae, hip-hop, rock and funk they play, and the impressive line-up in terms of the Hungarian underground-music scene. Sena, Busa (Zuboly), and Columbo (Brains) are all well-known figures of Budapest nightlife. Among the musicians are such names as

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Irie Maffia - Fel A Kezekkel!
Irie Maffia - Fel A Kezekkel!

Fel A Kezekkel!

Record label: Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition
Year of publication: 2007
Album price: 10 EUR
Irie Maffia:
Gáspár Horváth (Jumurjack Ruby) - keyboards
Márton Élő (Dermot) - clarion
Lőrinc Barabás - trumpet
Ádám Szekér - guitar
Miklós Havas - bass
Tamás Dési - drums
Antal Oláh - percussions
Ákos Baranyai (DJ Future) - scratch
István Busa - vocal, rap
András Kéri (MC Columbo) - vocal, ragga, rap
Sena Dagadu - vocal, rap, spoken word

Guest Artists: 
Tóth Kristóf
Jah Turban
General Levy
Wesley Kemon
1. Hands in the Air 1 EUR
2. Rock It On 1 EUR
3. B*szd Fel a Kéket 1 EUR
4. Jah Watching 1 EUR
5. Svájc 1 EUR
6. Couldn't Get No Sleep 1 EUR
7. Too Much Soul Music 1 EUR
8. Bomboklaat 1 EUR
9. Interlude Rock 1 EUR
10. Understand and Overstand 1 EUR
11. Soul Trouble 1 EUR
12. One Bullett a Day 1 EUR
13. Ram the Session 1 EUR
14. Beautiful Dub Body 1 EUR
Irie Maffia - Nagyon Jó Lesz

Irie Maffia
Nagyon Jó Lesz
Irie Maffia Productions