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Mr. MimiCry

Mr. MimiCry

My name is Mr MimiCry. Since 1987, I have been a musician. I formed my own rock band, and we performed for a few years under the name “Lator”. Commercial success has eluded me, but I’ve never given up and I play and compose my own music even now. I perform under the pseudonym, Mr. MimiCry ( guitarist and manager: Chelydra ). 'Mistic' Metal genre: Mistyc ( not Mystic ) Metal, horror, dark, gothic, fantasy and mystical elements

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Mr. MimiCry - 'Mistyc' Metal
Mr. MimiCry - 'Mistyc' Metal

'Mistyc' Metal

Record label: Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition
Year of publication: 2019
Album price: 8 EUR

Mr. MimiCry

1. Özönvíz 1 EUR
2. Az élet lángja ('Mistyc' Metal) 1 EUR
3. Titok 1 EUR
4. Másik Világ 1 EUR
5. Sírjatok 1 EUR
6. Sulla 1 EUR
7. Nincs más 1 EUR
8. Újra szól 1 EUR