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Hugues Mayot

Hugues Mayot

Saxophonist Hugues Mayot, who ventures with ease in the most varied contexts (Radiation 10, André Minvielle, Marc Ducret, Magma ...), designed for his new group, L’Arbre Rouge, an instrumentation close to chamber music, reminiscent of the intimacy of a classical quintet, and surrounded by rare instrumentalists who all share formidable technique and a constant concern for aesthetic openness, from scholarly music to popular

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Hugues Mayot  - L'Arbre Rouge
Hugues Mayot  - L'Arbre Rouge

L'Arbre Rouge

Record label: BMC Records
Year of publication: 2019
Album price: 7 EUR

Hugues Mayot – saxophone / clarinet
Théo Ceccaldi – violin / alto
Valentin Ceccaldi – cello
Sophie Bernado (and Alma Mayot) – bassoon
Joachim Florent – double bass

1. Champ d'Insouciance 1 EUR
2. Inside The Mirror 1 EUR
3. La Timidité des Cimes 1 EUR
4. Les Ames Errantes 1 EUR
5. En Souvenir d'une Terre 2 EUR
6. Songe Pastel 1 EUR