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Zeneszöveg Womex


He finished his studies at the Budapest University of Economics in 1992, at the faculty of foreign economy (the title of his thesis was “International Utilization of Musical Compositions as Intellectual Property”). He had diverse jobs, until finally starting his popular band Bonanza Banzai (admittedly copying their icon Depeche Mode), which brought him national fame. Akosh worked in the band both as a singer,

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Ákos - 50 (EP)
Ákos - 50 (EP)

50 (EP)

Record label: Fehér Sólyom
Year of publication: 2018
Album price: 3 EUR


1. Indiántánc 1 EUR
2. Ki Helyett Szeretsz?  1 EUR
3. Tanulékony Szörnyeteg 1 EUR