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FALLENINTOASHES was formed in 1999 by five guys already been best of friends.  Since music was an important part of our lives, we wanted this band to be the means to share our feelings, emotions and reflections on everyday life. Our main purpose is to find happiness in our own uniqe way.  The lyrics are basically focused on personal issues, while our music can be described as modern, energetic hardcore with

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Fallenintoashes - Split
Fallenintoashes - Split


Record label: EDGE Records
Year of publication: 2008
Album price: 10 EUR
Zoltán Dobi - vocal
Barnabás Sárkány - guitar
Zsolt Ferenc - drums
Csaba Szendi - bass
Zoltán Tölgyesi – guitar
1. Fight With Virus 1 EUR
2. Blood Stained on Dirty Hands 1 EUR
3. The Power and the Slave 1 EUR
4. Destiny 1 EUR
5. Still Remember 1 EUR
6. Weight of the Snow 1 EUR