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Károly Cserepes

Károly Cserepes

Károly Cserepes is music genius, musician and composer. He was the member of famous Hungarian folk band Vízöntő for more than 15 years. He has more than a dozen albums, he wrote lot of soundtracks for films. His last album - Ipomea Tricolor - was released in 2005. Ipomea Tricolor is world music in the sense that musical elements of cultures from diverse geographical places and social levels meet there freely,

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Károly Cserepes - My Name Is Elvis Presley (Children's Games)
Károly Cserepes - My Name Is Elvis Presley (Children's Games)

My Name Is Elvis Presley (Children's Games)

Record label: Fonó Budai Zeneház
Year of publication: 2018
Album price: 10 EUR

This album is about the love of country.
Out of the passionate love of the larger home that we call Earth.

We wanted to learn about and show the living children’s folklore, the recent children’s games of town and school. To help with this, we made a small trip
around the world via the Internet.

On our journey, the almost infinite richness of these games was revealed.
But we also discovered how similar the games are: not only in spirit,
but in concrete form. Many times their words are identical; we can say
that they have the same essence.

The wondrous novelty of selfies uploaded by children is that they
present not only melody or lyrics (as is customary for archival
recordings), but also the spontaneous joy that children experience
while playing.

We wanted to share this diversity and zest for life.

Tanks to Hungarian Children:

Lili Selmeci, Esra Limberger, Zselyke Molnár, Gergő Molnár, Örs Molnár,
Kata Mandula Matus, Luca Kerékgyártó, Vera Kerékgyártó

Special Thanks for the Selfies:

Elisabeth and Kara, Fabiana Landim, Milene and Fernanda,
Tiana and Gabriella, Daisy, and many others

Thanks for the recordings to Lomax Archive, and to Centre de Recherche en Ethnomusicologie

Cover photo: La Stampa, Italy

All music composed, recorded and mixed by Karoly Cserepes © 2018


1. My Name Is Elvis Presley I. 1 EUR
2. Choco Choco La La 1 EUR
3. This Is A Miserable World 1 EUR
4. Forest Song 1 EUR
5. Little Sunshine 1 EUR
6. My Name Is Elvis Presley II. 1 EUR
7. LoveFlower 1 EUR
8. Ekete Pekete 1 EUR
9. OwlWoman 1 EUR
10. Beli Buba 1 EUR
Károly Cserepes - Shambhala

Károly Cserepes
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition


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Helyből Távol
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Károly Cserepes - Danubian Trances

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Danubian Trances
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Károly Cserepes - Ipomea Tricolor

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Ipomea Tricolor
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Károly Cserepes - Flashback

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Electronic, World Music

Károly Cserepes - Blacklake (Instrumental Remix)

Károly Cserepes
Blacklake (Instrumental Remix)
Fonó Budai Zeneház

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