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Golestan music is the fruit of a real cultural fusion, a delicacy that has been tasted by the audiences of Hungary, the United Kingdom, Iran and the United Arab Emirates. It’s acoustic pop music richly interwoven with elements of folk music. Prominent is the presence of the stylistic features known from the performances of Southern Iran’s peoples with Turkic and Ancient-Persian origins.

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Golestan - Yaasat Mabodey
Golestan - Yaasat Mabodey

Yaasat Mabodey

Record label: NarRator Records
Year of publication: 2018
Album price: 10 EUR

Dr. Khonji - vocal, ney recorder, flute
Alíz Bogárdi - violin, vocal 
Zita Andok - vocal 
Zsófia Ritter - acoustic guitar
Álmos Tóth - acoustic guitar, vocal 
Péter Baksa - bass guitar, vocal 
AndorBense  - djembe 
Áron Pilári - cajon, udu, clarinet


Since it's formation the Golestan Ensemble connects Achom and Hungarian people by transmitting common melodies, moods and feelings.
The latest songs of the Ensemble are about lighting the fire of the soul and explores how we live through losses and shortages, how we understand that the passing of something old is bringing something new. Fire is washed away by the water, the wind dries up our tears and the joy of life revives inside us. New plans start to be forged as we ourselves are constantly changing. The transformative power of music proves itself once again.

1. Yaasat Mabodey / Hiányzol / I'm Missing You 1 EUR
2. Setarah / Éjszaka / Star 1 EUR
3. Day Balal / Day Balal / Day Balal 1 EUR
4. Beg Chetaee? / Mit Akarsz Még? / What Else Do You Want? 1 EUR
5. Mosafer / Átutazó / Traveller 1 EUR
6. Hamenkeh / Kedvesem, Elég / Enough 1 EUR
7. Garmaa / Kezed Melege / You Warm Hands 1 EUR
8. Khoda Hafez / Viszlát / Good Bye 1 EUR
9. Delom Emrooz / Ma, Szívem / Today My Hearth 1 EUR
10. Ne Vaghtoshe! / Várj Még! / It’s Not the Time 1 EUR
11. Ghafelah / Karaván / Caravan 1 EUR
Golestan - Baroonday

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