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Kati Rácz

Kati Rácz

Kati Rácz is a multi-award (festival and Líra awards) pop singer. From the age of 18 to 21 she worked as a pianist in the most elegant bars in Budapest. When 21 she started her career as a solo singer and diva in Hungarian vaudeville theatres. For eight years she was the star singer of the Moulin Rouge Revue. During that period she was immensely popular and performed in literally all the clubs in Budapest. In the 90s she

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Kati Rácz  - Stenker (Single)
Kati Rácz  - Stenker (Single)

Stenker (Single)

Record label: Limonádé Records
Year of publication: 2018
Album price: 1 EUR

Kati Rácz 

1. Stenker 1 EUR
Kati Rácz  - Egy Bárban

Kati Rácz
Egy Bárban


Kati Rácz  - Zene A Mindenem

Kati Rácz
Zene A Mindenem
Last Mohikán