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Various Artists (Summer Edition)

Various Artists (Summer Edition)

This is the second compilation album of MZK Publishing. From world music to hip-hop and neo soul, many genres and performers are represented. What makes them common is that we would listen to them on a hot summer evening.

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Various Artists (Summer Edition) - Summer Edition
Various Artists (Summer Edition) - Summer Edition

Summer Edition

Record label: MZK Publishing
Year of publication: 2018
Album price: 9 EUR

Bohemian Betyars feat. Parno Graszt
Antonia Vai
Papaver Cousins
Baron Mantis
Window feat. Dorsal Fin
Mary PopKids

1. Bohemian Betyars feat. Parno Graszt: Ha Menni Akarok 1 EUR
2. Aurevoir: Vahúr 1 EUR
3. Antonia Vai: Warrior Soul 1 EUR
4. Papaver Cousins: Boyz and Girlz 1 EUR
5. DLRM: Stalemate 1 EUR
6. Baron Mantis: 100 Miles 1 EUR
7. Window feat. Dorsal Fin: Shorter 1 EUR
8. Mary PopKids: Mohican 1 EUR
9. Manki: Kocsmahimnusz 1 EUR