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Ági És A Fiúk

Ági És A Fiúk

The story of the rock band Ági és a fiúk started back in 1986. After the break-up of Kontroll Csoport, the singers and musicians formed new bands and Ági came out with a single EP in 1986 that was a rare thing to happen with an alternative musician at the time. The band had more than ten line-ups in ten years with more than twenty musicians altogether. Ágnes Bárdos Deák became the Patti Smith of Budapest for more than a

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Ági És A Fiúk - Ági 55

Ági És A Fiúk
Ági 55
1G Records

Alternative, Rock

Ági És A Fiúk Ja Nie Som Tá Ági 55 2011